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Promoting Wellness: MinSU Empowers Personnel through Stress Management Seminar

Promoting Wellness: MinSU Empowers Personnel through Stress Management Seminar

A "feel-good Monday" vibe radiates through the employees of MinSU as the seminar ended
Admin    Feb. 12, 2024

With the demands of academia and administrative duties, stress can often take a toll on the well-being of the staff, personnel, and faculty of Mindoro State University (MinSU). Recognizing the importance of addressing this issue, the MinSU through the Women Gender and Development Unit organized a seminar entitled Enhancing the Well-being through Stress Management on February 12, 2024 at MinSU Auditorium, Alcate, Victoria, Oriental Mindoro.

It aims at empowering the faculty, staff, and personnel of MinSU with effective management techniques.

Mr. Maximo Closa, Jr., a motivational speaker served as a resource speaker for the seminar. Drawing from his experiences, he provided valuable insights and powerful strategies for effectively coping with stress and eventually cultivating a positive mindset.

Throughout the seminar, participants actively engaged in various activities designed to promote relaxation, mindfulness, and self-love. From the interactive discussion, deep breathing, meditation session, simple exercises, and group sharing, the participants were equipped with practical tools to alleviate stress and promote mental wellness. In addition, the said activities helped not only lessen the stress but also fostered camaraderie and support among the employees of MinSU.

The seminar culminated in a โ€œFeel-Good Mondayโ€ vibe where participants were encouraged to start the week on a positive note.